When not working in Abu Dhabi, you can find Kholloud in different parts of the world scouting incredible locations for her next shoot or perhaps you’ll find her taking travel photographs while enjoying the places.

She has worked with many different mediums for her visual story telling, but photography has always been her main passion, from the days of darkrooms and dark-slides, until now… Photographing either commercial or personal, Kholloud’s loves the entire process from concept to print and willing to learn every part of it just to reach her vision.

The dynamics between stories,

I always jumped from project to project. Now I feel it is time for long-term stories. I challenge myself with consistency, I experiment with the pace”

Personal project- commercial projects

“It is important for me to find a good balance. Personal projects are an inner journey and an inspiration, the commercial are an exceptional blend of interesting people and dynamic causing the birth for magic.”

The more I learn things in photography, the more I need to learn.” ~Kholloud